‘Extraction 2’: Netflix Unveils Exciting Behind-the-Scenes Look at Chris Hemsworth Sequel


Netflix has released a behind-the-scenes first-look video hyping the upcoming release of Extraction 2, the Chris Hemsworth-starring sequel to the 2020 actioner.

If you dug the relentless camera/stuntman wizardry fueling the first film’s action scenes, get ready for a whole lot more in round two. As showcased in the promo below, the sequel will find Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake in all manner of ass-kicking sequences, including a “oner” that will top the first film’s wild 12-minute long take and a scene where they land a helicopter on a freakin’ moving train.

“With the title of 2 behind your name, you have to bring at least twice the action,” says stuntman-turned-director Sam Hargrave, returning at the helm. “I’m very proud of what we’ve done. The end result is going to blow people’s minds.”

Extraction 2, with Joe Russo returning as producer and screenwriter, will be streaming on Netflix sometime in 2023.