‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 3, Episode 7 RECAP & REVIEW: ‘The Unveiling’

Image credit: Richard Foreman Jr / AMC

‘The Unveiling’ is the first part of Fear’s two-part mid-season finale. It focuses on the Ottos dealings with Walker’s group, and what eventually becomes of their ‘negotiations’. The most notable part of both episodes is that Ofelia is finally back, and we can see that she’ll play a huge part in the plot going forward. Her unexplained absence was my biggest criticism of the first half of the season, but it’s good to see her returning in a big way. As tensions grow in both parties, we’ll see who begins to fracture and who will rise above.

The episode starts off with Jake sneaking away from the ranch to go and negotiate with Walker. However, Alicia follows him and so he’s forced to bring her along. Once they arrive, they sit down with Walker and begin discussing what needs to be done in order to avoid more bloodshed. Eventually, someone comes over and serves them food; it turns out to be Ofelia. Ofelia reveals that Walker saved her life in the desert, and Alicia finally begins to untangle the web of lies that the Ottos have created. It’s nice to see that the Clark children are able to question their mother on her beliefs, and not just blindly follow her.

The terms of Walker and Jake’s agreement forces Ofelia to go back to the ranch as a ‘hostage’, and Alicia to stay with Walker. It’s not a happy reunion between Ofelia and the remainder of the Clarks, especially when they realise that Alicia has been left behind. Walker proudly shows off the shot-up helicopter that Alicia was on back at the beginning of the season, and it doesn’t really help his case with her. However, Alicia isn’t a hostage for long, as Troy and the militia sneak on to Walker’s land at night and take Alicia back with them.

Image credit: Richard Foreman Jr / AMC

Jeremiah also pays Ofelia a visit and tells her to keep quiet about what happened in the desert. Although we don’t know the details yet, it’s clear that Ofelia and Jeremiah’s conversation at the end of last season didn’t last long. Probably for the best, considering the Ottos aren’t exactly the family you want to be sharing the dinner table with. Ofelia goes back to Walker, but ends up back at the ranch’s front gate a little while later, beaten and bruised. Thinking that Walker has abandoned her, the group decides to take her in and put her to work in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Nick cuts his hair and joins up with Troy’s militia. This will prove to be an almost-deadly mistake by the end of the episode, as one by one, the militiamen begin to get sick for unknown reasons. Madison is still trying to manipulate her way out of every situation she’s put in, but it isn’t helping matters. She can go a little too far when it comes to protecting her children, and when she finds out that Ofelia is the one who poisoned the militia, it becomes messy. The operation to get Alicia back was also Madison’s idea, and it leads to the death of at least four of Walker’s men.

This episode and the next are the strongest of the season so far. The strongest element of this season has been the blurred lines that divide which group is good and which is not. In The Walking Dead, it’s pretty clear-cut who the good and bad guys are. However, as we’ve come to learn across the third season, in Fear it’s all about who you are and the perspective you have. Also, actions, such as Ofelia’s, aren’t as straightforward as they appear. A lot of these questions are answered immediately in the next episode, making it perfect as a two-part finale.


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