‘Good Grief’ Trailer: Emotional Netflix Film Marks Dan Levy’s Feature Debut as Director, Writer and Star


Netflix has unveiled the trailer for emotional-looking dramedy Good Grief, which marks a significant milestone in Dan Levy’s career.

Perhaps best known for his role in Schitt’s Creek, Levy steps into the spotlight here as not only the lead actor, but also as the film’s writer and director. Levy previously directed four episodes of Schitt’s Creek. The film looks to be a heartstring puller. As Levy’s feature debut in multiple key roles, it’s a project that might just set a new benchmark for his multifaceted career.

Good Grief introduces us to Marc (Levy, who has comfortably lived under the shadow of his charismatic husband, Oliver, played by Luke Evans. Marc’s life takes a dramatic turn with the sudden death of Oliver, leaving his world in pieces. The tragic event propels Marc and his two closest friends, Sophie and Thomas – brought to life by Ruth Negga and Himesh Patel respectively – on an impromptu journey to Paris. This trip, initially embarked upon as a means to cope, evolves into a profound journey of self-discovery and confrontation with difficult truths for each of them.

Good Grief will begin streaming on Netflix from January 5th, 2024.