Interview: Actress Sharni Vinson Talks ‘From a House on Willow Street’

Sharni Vinson in ‘Step Up 3D’ | Universal Pictures International (UPI)

TRW: You’ve been in a few different horror films now ““ You’re Next, Patrick, and now Willow Street. Is that something that you gravitate towards or is that just how the cards have played out?

SV: I think the cards have sort of played out that way, because, before the horror necessarily, it’s the action I’m more attracted to. It’s the fact that these roles are very physical forward, I grew up that way and like I said, I get bored on set if I’m not moving. I really enjoy working with the stunt teams and challenging myself physically as well as emotionally. I like it when you can find a balance. I’ve always loved action, but I like believability so I think adding an element of heavy kind of drama is what I’m looking for, and these roles have sort of brought that each in their own way. Step Up 3D was as physical as it could have ever been for me, with the dancing and capoeira and parkour. I couldn’t have done anything more than that. Then with the surfing in Blue Crush [2], that was another challenge. I like these challenges. With the horror it’s more leading into what I think is going to become more of a career in the action realm. My new TV series that I’m just finishing is all about superheroes, so you can see where how my career’s kind of been leading into the action-superhero world. I was originally looking at these types of roles, but it’ll be more obvious where my mind is going in the next role you’re about to see.

TRW: You said you like to watch horror films, do you ever watch your own horror films? Are you able to get sucked in and actually get scared and affected? Or is it a bit too distant because you have that behind-the-scenes experience?

SV: I had to see You’re Next probably a dozen times at different screenings that we did through multiple festivals in the beginning, and when the movie was released we did premieres in the UK, America, Indonesia, etc. So you have to sit through them a fair few times in just promoting the film. What I realised is that I can’t sit through my films more than a couple of times because I know all the tricks and I know what’s coming, so I don’t want to taint the movie. It’s nice to just have that and put it to the side. Then again, when it comes to certain films, I feel like sometimes they get better every time you play them. So that’s testimony to what I think makes a successful horror movie, when you realise you’re watching it over and over and it’s not actually getting old. You’re Next was the only film that I’ve ever shot that I’ve been able to sit through a few times and not get really sick of it. I get really excited about watching the audience’s reaction to that film, so I guess it becomes more about watching the audience than the actual movie.

Sharni Vinson in ‘You’re Next’ | Icon Film Distribution

TRW: Are you able to tell us a bit more about that superhero TV project you have coming up?

SV: It’s going to be announced within the next 10 weeks, so I’m not really allowed to talk too much about it, but what I can say is that it’s gonna be frikkin awesome. It’s so cool; it’s very out there, very dark and controversial. It’s set in a world of superheroes in a new age that’s definitely at war– and things have changed. I play a speedster who is a similar character to The Flash. So you’ll see me running as fast as I possibly can. It’s a very, very, very physical role. Were actually heading to Las Vegas in 2 weeks to shoot the very last scene before we wrap up the entire season 1 of the show. But we’re almost done and this will be an epic battle between my character and a similar quicksilver-type speedster character and we’ll have a very fast battle around the rooftops of Vegas. I’m looking forward to that. That’ll be a lot more parkour again, which I think we’ll be bringing back that Step Up 3D training. And parkouring along a lot of the rooftops should be fun. Basically, if you’ve seen the film Dredd or if you’re familiar with Adi Shankar’s Power Rangers bootleg series that blew up the internet, think of this as a combo of the two. Adi Shankar, same producer, also produces this one. He knows what’s up. It’s gonna be great.


In Australia, Eagle Entertainment will be releasing the film on DVD, Blu-ray & Digital in May 2017. In the US, From a House on Willow Street opens in select cinemas and digital platforms on March 23, 2017.

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