Jason Momoa to Star in Live-Action ‘Minecraft’ Movie


Aquaman star Jason Momoa is squaring up (sorry) to star in a Minecraft movie for Warner Bros.

The studio has been attempting to get a Minecraft film off the ground for a number of years now, but it looks like the pieces are finally coming together. As reported by THR, Momoa has entered final negotiations to take on the lead role, although there’s no info on what the part will entail. There are also no details to go on regarding the film’s plot or creative direction, apart from it being a “live-action” film.

On board to direct is Jared Hess, whose credits include comedies Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, and Masterminds. The script is coming from Chris Bowman & Hubbel Palmer, who penned Hess’ Masterminds with Emily Spivey.

The film will be produced by Mojang Studio’s Lydia Winters and Vu Bui, Dune producer Mary Parent, The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee, and the late Jill Messick, who will reportedly receive a posthumous producing credit for having helped develop the project prior to her passing in 2018.

The Minecraft game franchise has gone from success to success since being made public in 2009 and receiving a wide release in 2011. Combining sales on all platforms, it’s the best-selling video game of all time. Developed by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios, the sandbox video game allows players to explore a blocky 3D world and extract materials, craft tools, and build structures on a virtually infinite terrain. Different game modes are available, enabling players to fight computer-controlled mobs or compete/cooperate with other online players.

Momoa has plenty on the horizon, including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Fast & Furious 10, Netflix fantasy film Slumberland, western The Last Manhunt, and a third season of Apple series See.

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