‘Preacher’ RECAP & REVIEW: Episode 4 – ‘Monster Swamp’

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

The tumultuous father-son relationship is brought to the heels of AMC’s Preacher. The familiar and overwrought narrative trope has seen its fair share in television far too often, yet Preacher makes no fear in delivering it in their latest episode. Having been abused and somewhat scarred from the extremities of his father’s behaviour has evidently shaped and cultivated Jesse into the preacher he is today.

Cassidy, having been confronted by DeBlanc and Flores after killing them twice, has now confronted Jesse into explaining what in the hell is going on. Given the ridiculous circumstances of his predicament, Jesse shoots down Cassidy’s plea and heads onward. DeBlanc and Flores, previously revealed as angels, are in desperate need to, essentially, kill Jesse to repossess his newly adopted powers. Cassidy, having received monetary compensation for his assistance in capturing Jesse, uses his newly adopted funds on a spree of cigarettes, drugs and prostitution.

Meanwhile, after a paintball skirmish gone wrong, a prostitute is left dead and Tulip, appalled by the circumstances of her fellow employees and employer Quincannon, approaches the man responsible and in a fit of anger, attacks and throws him out of the whorehouse window. It is then, however, that Tulip realises she has attacked the wrong man and has thrown Cassidy, bare ass and all, into hospitalisation. Terrified, guilt-trodden and scarred, Tulip comforts Cassidy in his inebriated state, only to later find him gulping down blood as if it were alcohol.

Image: AMC
Image: AMC

Jesse remains desperate for the people of his town to come along to his sermons on Sundays. After forcing Emily to purchase a flat-screen television for a raffle, Jesse approaches Quincannon to attend a sermon, opting that if he does not leave the church praising God, the land rights of the church will be handed over to Quincannon immediately. Jesse, toying with his powers at hand, orders the powerful landowner to serve God, in front of his Sunday’s churchgoers no less. “Of course I will,” replies Quincannon, a moment that is sure to deliver damning repercussions in episodes to come.

DeBlanc and Fiore wait in the motel room for Cassidy’s delivery. A “telephone call” rings. The two angels look at each other in question and horror. In quite possibly the season’s best cliffhanger thus far, Heaven is calling – literally.

The flashbacks to Jesse’s childhood will of course be critical and crucial in the long run, but in the fourth episode this season, felt sidelined as the show’s supporting characters were given their time to shine. Cassidy is once again a highlight of the show, delivering a slew of memorable gags and outrageous antics. Tulip’s proud feministic beliefs shine throughout the episode and, finally, she’s given screen time alongside Cassidy, a fun moment for the show’s most beloved comic book fans. DeBlanc and Flores are given an episode where their repetitive deaths are not the focus of laughs, and thus giving us yet another brilliant reason to tune in next week. Things are about to get crazy in Annville County.