‘Raised by Wolves’ Cancelled: No Season 3 for HBO Max Sci-Fi Series, But “There is Hope”


It appears to be the end of the road for Raised by Wolves, the science fiction drama series that concluded its second season in March.

HBO Max confirmed news of the cancellation with a statement that read:

“While we are not proceeding with a third season of Raised by Wolves, we are beyond grateful to the stellar cast and crew, our creators Aaron Guzikowski, Ridley Scott, David W. Zucker, and the entire team at Scott Free Productions, for their beautiful artistry and unique ability to immerse fans into the world of Kepler-22b.”

The news was first shared, however, by Raised by Wolves actor Abubakar Salim, who stars as a reprogrammed android named Father. Salim took to Twitter to share that the show had been axed and to ask that fans campaign to give the series a potential new home.

“It’s not surprising, especially after the news of the mergers and what is happening at Warner [Bros. Discovery, which owns HBO Max], that a lot of shows are not having their stories finished. And unfortunately, one of those shows is Raised by Wolves,” Salim posted in the Twitter thread.

“There is hope,” he continued. “You see, we’re in a unique position: we have a fully fleshed out and planned storyline, a Goliath of a production team behind us, incredible reception from critics and reviewers alike, and most crucially, a community base that is so strong internationally, it can not be ignored.”

Salim said that there is currently a push from “Scott Free [Productions] and the creatives” to have the series continue elsewhere and asked that fans “continue to, and with even more vigor, show that genuine love here, there, and everywhere as we search for that new home.”

Niamh Algar, who plays as Sue/Mary, an atheist soldier/medic, also hit Twitter with a reaction. “Looking for a new home,” Algar posted. “We adapt pretty easily!”

Winta McGrath, who plays Campion, thanked fans and asked that fans tweet a number of streamers, including Netflix, Apple TV+ and Prime Video, using the hashtags #SaveRaisedByWolves & #RenewRaisedByWolves.

While there’s been no official statement from Scott Free or executive producers regarding the search for another home, Salim isn’t wrong about the possibility of shows being saved due to loud and passionate fanbases. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Lucifer, for example, were picked up after cancellation and allowed to complete their runs elsewhere, and just this year Ray Donovan was able to wrap up its narrative with a movie – following the fan outcry Showtime received when they cancelled the series in 2020.

Created by Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski, Raised by Wolves told the story of two androids that are tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the human colony threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task. The cast included Amanda Collin, Travis Fimmel, Winta McGrath, Jordan Loughran, and Matias Varela, among others.