Seven Psycopaths REVIEW


 Written by Guillermo Troncoso.

Martin McDonagh’s first film In Bruges has become somewhat of a cult hit over the years. Seven Psycopaths is bound to further cement his status as a unique filmmaker. The words ‘cult’ and ‘unique’ are definitely suited to his latest film but this doesn’t necessarily make this is a great movie.

Seven Psychopaths tells the story of Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling screenwriter that gets into  all sorts of trouble after his best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) kidnaps a gangster’s beloved dog.

That plot line suggests that the movie follows a straightforward and linear path – it doesn’t. McDonagh’s  comedy/thriller is a kaleidoscope of ideas and themes wrapped around a simple story. This won’t be a film for everyone. The humour is extremely dark and at times quite disturbing. If you can laugh at a woman sawing a man’s head off whilst he is still alive then this might be for you.  Admittedly, nothing in this film is meant to be taken too seriously. The script has some pretty funny moments and some great one-liners that you’ll want to write down and quote to your friends.

The main problem is McDonagh’s scattershot approach. The script is so full of stories, sketches, ideas and existential discussions that it doesn’t give you time to focus on or care about anything in particular. McDonagh’s lucky to have such a talented cast here. Colin Farrell,  Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson are all  fantastic. They are a pleasure to watch and make even the most self-reverential scene still entertaining.

The movie’s a little too smart for it’s own good. It’s one of those screenwriter-makes-a-movie-about-how-he-can’t-write-a-movie movies that was done much better in Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation. This review may be sounding a  little too harsh. The truth is there are so many good factors to be enjoyed here and Seven Psychopaths will no doubt gather itself a huge following. Nevertheless, whenever you get  a mixed bag of goodies its unfortunate when you have to throw out the flavours you don’t like.



– G.T.