‘Sly’ Teaser Trailer: Netflix Documentary Places the Spotlight on Sylvester Stallone


After placing the spotlight on Arnold Schwarzenegger in the three-episode docuseries Arnold, which hit Netflix on June 7th, the streaming giant takes the microscope to another blockbuster star: Sylvester Stallone.

The trailer has been released for Sly, a documentary that looks at the life and career of Rocky and Rambo star Stallone. More than looking at his life, the doco looks at the characters he took to the screen over his incredible career. As per Netflix: “It takes a thoughtful, intimate look at Stallone’s triumphs and struggles, drawn in parallel with the indelible characters he’s played.”

Directed by Thom Zimny (The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash) with exclusive access to the star himself, Sly will be available to stream on Netflix sometime in November.