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This week we learned that Sony would finally be doing what everyone has been waiting for Marvel Studios to do: give one of Marvel’s many female superheroes their own movie. While superhero movies have never been bigger, there is a huge lack of leading ladies at the moment. So even if it is likely only the result of Sony’s limited roster to choose from, it’s still a very exciting development. The question of course, is just who this new super-heroine could be. While Sony only has the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel universe to play in, there’s still plenty of material to mine from. So without further ado, let’s get the speculation machine fired up and take a look at who some of the more likely candidates are for the newest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man franchise.



One of the first characters to come to mind (if only for her namesake) is Spider-Woman, from Marvel’s ‘Ultimate‘ line of comics. Not to be confused with the Spider-Woman from Marvel’s regular line of comics (who hasn’t really got anything to do with Spider-Man), this reimagined version of Jessica Drew is a female clone of Peter Parker who retains all his memories up until the time his DNA was lifted to create her. This leaves her lost and alone, conflicted not only her new gender, but also by being forced to watch from the sidelines as the real Peter Parker lives the only life she can remember. More than just pushing ground with a female hero, this movie could see Sony really make a bold move and give the LGBT community their first big budget superhero movie as they explore Jessica’s transgender confusion.



Originally conceived as a substitute for the Human Torch (whose rights were all tied up at the time) for the 80s animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Firestar eventually made the jump into comic book cannon in Uncanny X-Men #193. Angelica Jones has the ability to manipulate microwave radiation, which in turn allows her to generate heat and flames, as well as allowing her to fly (because comics). Aside from the fact that Firestar is a recognisable name to anyone who watched the cartoons back in the 80s, she’d be a great character to have in this universe, if only to add some diversity from all the spider-based powers we’ll be seeing from Spider-Man and Venom. Unfortunately, as Firestar is technically a Mutant, it’s unclear whether she would have been acquired by Fox as one of the X-Men, or if Sony could reinvent her as something else like Marvel are doing with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.



If there is one thing today’s superhero movies are missing more than headlining women, it’s cultural diversity. The notable absence of non-white (green or blue doesn’t count) crime fighters is borderline ridiculous in the current day and age. Enter Anya Cortez, a half Mexican, half Puerto Rican high-schooler imbued with mystical spider powers. Sony might be able to get another one up on Marvel and offer up one of the first Latin superheroes to make it to the big screen. Unfortunately, it might be wishful thinking as Araña (‘spider’ in Spanish) is a fairly new addition to the comics and doesn’t really have much material to mine from. Plus, her status as the young inexperienced hero is probably a little too close to what they are already exploring with Peter Parker.



A student of Curt Conners, Melati Kusuma steals his transformative formula to try and grow back her lost legs, allowing her to transform into Komodo. While she doesn’t have a real lot of interaction with Spider-Man and his world past her origin, Komodo is a perfect fit for the story the movies are telling. Even if it’s only to make something interesting come out of the Lizard’s terrible cinematic turn. Unlike most superheroes, Komodo’s civilian form is her alter ego. Ashamed and scared of her fragility in legless human form, she tries to recreate herself as the fierce and confident Komodo, but the depths of insecurity can’t help but bubble up to the surface. The aggressive demeanor Komodo puts up to keep others away could be a great counterpoint to Spider-Man’s earnestness, and her arc of learning to accept her loss and dependency practically writes itself.

Silver Sable

silver sable

Silver Sablinova, a.k.a. Silver Sable (not the most creative alter-ego), is probably a character more at home in the Expendables than she is in a Spider-Man story. This ass-kicking, cold-as-ice East European mercenary has little to nothing in common with Peter Parker, which makes them a match made in movie trope heaven. In the greater franchise Sable could act as a Nick Fury substitute, building the greater world and delving into the more global effects of Oscorp and the Sinister Six. Given all the espionage and mystery Sony have injected into this iteration of Spider-Man, Sable is probably one of the more likely choices, second only to–

Black Cat

black cat

Aside from the fact that Black Cat is essentially the same character as the DC icon Catwoman (whose live-action movie was essentially an essay on how not to make a superhero flick), the cat-burgling anti-heroine is easily the most obvious choice for a solo adventure. For one thing, Felicia Hardy has already been introduced in ASM 2, where she worked for Harry at Oscorp. But more than that, she’s one of Spider-Man’s three big love interests. Considering the place Peter was left in after the last film, it’s clear to see how he could be confused and become drawn to someone on the other side of the law to help pull himself back together. On top of all that, a superhero heist story starring the Black Cat is, simply put, the easiest concept of all the options for Sony to expand into a feature.

Excited about seeing one of these ladies take centre stage? Or is there someone else from the Spider-verse you want to see get the movie treatment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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