‘Spiritwalker’ Trailer: Body Swap Mayhem in Action-Packed Korean Thriller

Well Go USA Entertainment

Action fans may want to check out the trailer for Spiritwalker, a slick-looking body-swap action-thriller from South Korea.

The film tells of a man (Yoon Kyesang, The Outlaws) who loses his memory following a car crash. That’s bad enough, but not only does he not remember anything about his life, he begins to regain consciousness in a new body every 12 hours. Yep, two bodies a day. At least he’s got butt-kicking skills to put to good use – even if he has no idea how or why he has them. He embarks on a mission to uncover his identity, all while taking on pursuing agents and criminals.

The film was written and directed by Jae-geun Yoon, making his sophomore feature as director following 2010 film Heartbeat. Plenty of action – including some badass John Wick-esque “gun fu” – and a dose of mystery in the trailer below. Sign me up.

Spiritwalker, also starring Lim Ji-Yeon and Park Yong-Woo, was released on the U.S. Asian cinema/martial arts streaming service Hi-Yah! on March 18 and will hit U.S. Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD on April 12. Take a look at the trailer below…

Well Go USA Entertainment

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