The Croods REVIEW


Written by Guillermo Troncoso.


Dreamworks’ latest animated film is here. The Croods tells the story of a caveman family who embark on an epic journey once their beloved cave is destroyed.

Some say that, when it comes to cinema, it isn’t too hard to entertain the kids. That may be slightly true, but it’s the films that entertain both adults and children that deserve the marks.

This family’s journey across a landscape that is both spectacular and perilous forms the perfect storyline for some great characterization and incredible animation. Directors/writers Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders have clearly put in a lot of effort to ensure that this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill animated flick.

The characters are truly well written and well thought out. Witnessing the dynamics of this crazy family is both hilarious and touching. The talented voice cast (Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener) do a great job in fleshing out these quirky characters.

The animation is top-notch. The emotional expressions, the changing landscape, the wild creatures, everything about this imaginative world is beautifully realized.

Of course, the film dips into cliché-mode every now and then, but that’s not a crime. This is a funny, entertaining family film that is truly enjoyable. It may not reach the heights of some of the classics, but it gets pretty close.


– G.T.