Top Ten Movie Bromances


10. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Joe and Jerry


The pairing of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon couldn’t have been more perfect in this film. I seriously take my hat off to the casting director. The two are outstanding as ordinary musicians turned girl band members fleeing from unforgiving gangsters.

The two get themselves in some pretty extraneous situations, but don’t all friends sometimes? What’s important is they stick together through everything. They banter and bicker as though more of a couple than mere friends. The snappy, fast-paced dialogue is incredibly funny and aptly mirrors that of good friends. It’s a film and a friendship that truly stands the test of time. Despite the fixes they might get themselves into, you get the impression that they just can’t live without each other.

9. Hot Fuzz (2007)

Danny and Nicholas


It was a tough call between almost any of the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost collaborations, but this really is a good’un. The plot is one we’ve seen before. A takes-their-job-too-seriously cop is partnered with a dummy cop upon his arrival in a quaint, new district. From this is born a beautiful bromance. Obviously they clash initially but there is something to be learned from one another. As partners they’ll have to deal with many difficult situations, how can these not bring you closer together? They have to have each other’s backs. It’s a classic story as the two grow to genuinely care for one another, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. Plus the off-screen bromance between these two real life friends makes the whole thing sweeter.

8. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (1969)

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid


Although loosely based on the story of real life outlaws, it truly is Paul Newman and Robert Redford that bring this friendship to life. The film follows the pair who are on the run and heading to Bolivia. The fact that they are outlaws plays a role in defining their friendship. As outsiders to most of the world, this binds them closer together, as they have to rely more heavily on each other. Consequently the two have an intense sense of loyalty. If you haven’t seen the film then beware spoiler alert. It’s really the final moments of this movie that cement its place on the list. Who can forget the freeze frame of the two friends, side by side, launching themselves into the gunfire from Bolivian forces. They truly stick together until the very end.

7. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Andy and Red

the shawshank redemption

There are some experiences that outsiders can’t even begin to fathom. Prison is quite obviously one of these. So although I understand enough to know that I do not understand, it seems that there often develops a bond between those who do. When Andy Dufresne is sent to Shawshank Prison he develops a friendship with fellow inmate Red that is based on mutual respect and a shared sense of decency. While other bonds are made, this friendship stands out as truly special. It is the kind that transcends the walls of prison and lasts a lifetime.

6. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Han and Chewie

Star Wars: A New Hope

This may not be an entirely human friendship, it’s the bro love between a man and his wookie pal, but hey let’s not discriminate. They may occasionally bicker like an old married couple but that just adds to the charm of their relationship. You can always tell that behind any harmless squabbling there’s just pure love. It’s a love that is sometimes declared, even if that’s simply through a giant hairy hug. The two are absolutely always there for each other. Let’s not forget the fact that Han is the only human that miraculously understands Chewie. Symbolic much? This truly must say something special about their friendship.

5. Zoolander (2001)

Hansel and Derek


For a film centred on two vaguely narcissistic male models, it comes as a surprise that they are capable of forming meaningful relationships with anyone but themselves. Surprised you may be, a solid friendship blossoms between fictional fashion icons Derek Zoolander and Hansel. Although initially archrivals; the two men ultimately become a loving duo.

The turning point occurs in a scene where Derek comes to Hansel seeking a hiding place. Here they tentatively and inarticulately reveal that their feelings of resentment are only born from respect and admiration. It is a touching moment to behold. Perhaps it’s the feigned hatred that makes their eventual bro love all the more delightful.

4. Superbad (2007)

Evan and Seth


Superbad is a film born into the very era of bromance, and it nails it. Evan and Seth are two best friends with the end of their time together at high school looming. This scenario is familiar to most of us. After what feels like an entire lifetime spent in school, mucking around with those same friends every day, it’s difficult to come to terms with the prospect of change. It’s a time when emotions are at their peak, when true feelings bubble to the surface and declarations of love are made. This certainly is the case with these two. As Evan and Seth drunkenly fall asleep practically in each other’s arms they speak of their love for the first time. They couldn’t be more on the money. Their friendship really is, “–the most beautiful thing in the world.”

3. Wayne’s World (1992)

Wayne and Garth


Wayne and Garth are just great friends, plain and simple. They’re inseparable. If the two fight, they’re soon fighting to be first to make up. But for the most part they’re just having a whole lot of fun, and heck is that great to watch. As tends to happen with good friends, their conversations are riddled with slang that only they can understand, and inside jokes that only they find funny. While usually this distances any outsiders, we as the audience feel invited into their world and shenanigans. We’ve even adopted a lot of their lingo. Over a decade later I still hear the odd “Party on, Garth! Party on, Wayne!’ This is an ideal bromance and one to envy. I mean, can you think of something better than getting together with a bunch of friends and running your own show from a basement?

2. Stand By Me (1986)

Chris and Gordie

chris and gordie

“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?”

This line pretty much sums up the film for me, or more specifically the nature and beauty of the friendship at its heart. This bromance is nostalgic. With that comes the rich sentimentality and wistful haze that often accompanies nostalgia. Rob Reiner’s classic follows four young friends and a trip along the train tracks that defines their coming of age. However it’s clearly the friendship between Chris and Gordie that is worth talking about here. Their bromance is playful and natural, but when real emotions come to the surface they’re not afraid to get serious with one another. It’s in these moments that they offer the comfort and understanding that only true friends can. Stand By Me is the kind of film that will make you reflect on your shining friend-filled memories with a longing that is both joyous and bittersweet.

1. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Sam and Frodo


When we think of truly great friends, the ones that embody the very meaning of loyalty, understanding and devotion, it’s hard to look much further than the shining beacon of friendship that is Samwise Gamgee. The unfailing support Sam offers his friend is truly something to behold. Frodo’s appreciation is evoked in a simple glance between them. The looks these two hairy hobbits share speak volumes. It’s a love that runs deep and leaves you with warm, tingling insides. This is also a friendship that is truly put to the test. The forces that come into play in the third part of this trilogy come directly in between Sam and Frodo. Thus it is testament to their friendship that not only can it withstand these but grow even deeper. True bromance prevails. Ultimately this friendship truly is the stuff of legends.

– L.D.

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