Worst Ten Movies of 2015



When you watch countless movies every year, there’s no denying one unfortunate fact: you’re going to be sitting through more stinkers than you would like.

As much as we wish all films were fantastic, or at the very least mediocre, we have to admit when we’ve hit a stumble on our cinematic road. 2015* has seen some fantastic pictures, as evidenced by our Top Ten Movies of 2015 list, but it also saw quite a few entries that were probably best left at the conceptual stage. From another ill-conceived Adam Sandler picture, to yet another woeful adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, here are The Reel Word’s Worst Ten Movies of 2015. In no particular order…

  • Love the Coopers


What we said:

It’s as though Love the Coopers has been poorly adapted from a book, despite being an original screenplay. If it really had been adapted from a book, you could at least commend the film for trying. It’s a shame to witness a lot of good actors in this film.

  • Pixels


What we said:

If you were feeling nostalgic for ’80’s video games, you’d be better off watching The Wizard or hitting eBay for a Sega Master System console. That the universe seems karmically skewered in Adam Sandler’s ““and no less Kevin James’- direction while world issues rage on may be an argument for atheism.

  • Hitman: Agent 47


What we said:

Hitman: Agent 47 had plenty of story-telling potential, even with the limited budget, but instead joins the long list of video game adaptations that have trepidatious fans coming into cinemas to see their favourite properties treated like juvenile trash by the studios tasked with sharing them with the world.

  • Fantastic Four


What we said:

Regardless of whether or not those reports of a troubled shoot are true, the resulting product is a disappointing, tedious and ultimately flat attempt at yet another Fantastic Four film. Let’s see how it goes in another eight years.

  • The Longest Ride

the longest ride

What we said:

While it tries to capitalize on the themes that made The Notebook (another Sparks adaption) such a definitive guilty pleasure, The Longest Ride lands with a thud, delivering a plot so unimaginative and bland even the less judicious audience it aims for are sure to be checking their watches.

  • Seventh Son

Seventh Son

What we said:

It’s unfortunate that a potentially good film was marred by a rushed screenplay and average performances. The film lacks conviction and it seems like an outright effort to salvage the script using special effects.

  • Beyond the Reach

Beyond the Reach movie review

What we said:

The ingredients are all there for a fast moving and suspenseful western ride, but even with its short running time and high profile villain, Beyond the Reach still manages to be an absolute bore. A war of attrition was never going to be the most exciting war to watch, but even as a tale of survival Beyond the Reach is as dry and vacant as its Mojave setting.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Gray

What we said:

Ana’s first encounter with Christian sees her quite literally stumbling into his office. The moment is so forced, you just know the rest of the movie is going to be full of clichés. Fifty Shades of Grey is one hundred and twenty-five minutes of disappointment.

  • The Transporter Refueled

transporter refueled

What we said:

The only audience that will find any real interest in The Transporter Refueled will be fans of the original trilogy, who will sorely miss Statham, and those who enjoy high-octane action that requires very little thought. Anyone else would do well to avoid.

  • The Wedding Ringer

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

What we said:

This is disposable Hollywood comedy through and through. If you’re the least bit discerning over your comedy, The Wedding Ringer simply isn’t worth your time.

Dishonourable mentions:

* All films in this list were released in Australia in 2015.