Wreck-It Ralph REVIEW

Written by Guillermo Troncoso.

Wreck-It Ralph - John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman

Wreck-It Ralph  tells the story of a video game villain who becomes tired of being the bad guy and decides to go on a quest to become a hero.

John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer provide some excellent voice work to some fantastic and creative animation. There is so much to enjoy here. The screenplay is quick and witty, the jokes come thick and fast and the whole thing is a visual treat. Video game fans of all ages will have heaps of fun recognising classic game characters and those unfamiliar with gaming will still go along with Wreck-It Ralph’s contagious sense of fun. The plot doesn’t hold any surprises, it’s the usual Disney fare but it works well.

This is Disney in great form. It’s a fun family film that manages to be both sweet and exciting.

PS: The short before the before the film is fantastic.



– G.T.