‘You’ll Never Find Me’ Interview: Aussie Filmmakers Break Out with Horror-Thriller Debut


Take a look at the chat we had with Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen, two Aussie filmmakers making their feature debut with the acclaimed horror-thriller You’ll Never Find Me. Watch the interview above and the film’s trailer below.

A claustrophobic two-hander, the film follows Patrick (played by Brendan Rock), a strange and lonely resident, lives in a mobile home at the back of an isolated caravan park. After a violent thunderstorm erupts, a mysterious young woman (played by Jordan Cowan) appears at his door, seeking shelter from the weather. The longer the night wears on and the more the young women discovers about Patrick, the more difficult she finds it to leave. Soon, she begins to question Patrick’s intentions, while Patrick begins to question his own grip on reality.

Umbrella Entertainment releases You’ll Never Find Me in select Australian cinemas on March 14. Those in the U.S. can watch it on Shudder from March 22.