Exclusive: Zahn McClarnon Interview | ‘Dark Winds’ Series & Native American Representation on Screen


We were lucky enough to have a Zoom video chat with Zahn McClarnon, the acclaimed actor whose many credits include Westworld, Fargo, Doctor Sleep, Into the West, and much.

We had a talk about his new series, AMC’s DARK WINDS, a psychological thriller with a strong focus on Native American culture. Zahn McClarnon discusses working for the first time as both star and executive producer, what he hopes audiences will get from the series, Native American representation on screen, and more.

The first season of Dark Winds is now available on AMC and AMC+.

Set in 1971 on a remote outpost of the Navajo Nation near Monument Valley, Dark Winds follows Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon, The Son, Westworld, Fargo) of the Tribal Police as he is besieged by a series of seemingly unrelated crimes. The closer he digs to the truth, the more he exposes the wounds of his past. He is joined on this journey by his new deputy, Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon, The Red Road, Roswell, New Mexico). Chee, too, has old scores to settle from his youth on the reservation. Together, the two men battle the forces of evil, each other and their own personal demons on the path to salvation.