‘Anyone But You’ – Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Can’t Spark Up This Dull Rom-Com | 1 Minute Movie Reviews


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Anyone But You makes the mistake of rehashing tropes instead of rejigging them to give us something remotely new. And they’re hoping you don’t notice – look how hot Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are!

This romantic comedy attempts to coast by on pure formula – which isn’t a crime in itself, if you copy the formula well. What we get here, unfortunately: cringy dialogue, sluggish attempts at humour, and a dragged-out plot that offers up a bombardment of clichés.

And while Sweeney and Powell do show some chemistry on screen, there was a bit of a mismatched performance: Sweeney, in my opinion, doesn’t quite gel the material. There’s also little spark with a script that fails to provide romance or big laughs. And if you’re playing in the “adult comedy” sandbox, you can be a little racier than this, although there is some swearing and some near nudity.

Speaking of near nudity, the film knows that it has to show these stars off, and it does it quite a bit. Actually, both Sydneys look quite good here. I don’t know what kind of deal this film worked out with the Australian tourist board – this film often looks like a tourism commercial.