‘Before Dawn’ Director Interview: Jordon Prince-Wright’s Ambitious Aussie WWI Film


Take a look above at the interview we were lucky enough to line up with Jordon Prince-Wright, the Aussie filmmaker making his first feature film as sole director with the ambitious WWI epic, Before Dawn. You can watch the film’s trailer below.

Jordon Prince-Wright presents a portrayal of camaraderie amidst the backdrop of WWI, drawing inspiration from authentic ANZAC soldier diaries. Led by a talented ensemble including Levi Miller, Travis Jeffrey, Ed Oxenbould, and Stephen Peacocke, Before Dawn aims to capture the essence of mateship in the face of adversity.

Miller plays Jim Collins, a young man hailing from the Australian outback, who enlists in the ANZAC forces with a fervent desire to contribute to the war effort and leave behind his family’s sheep station. However, the harsh realities of the western front—marked by mud, brutality, and relentless combat—gradually take their toll, burdening him with profound guilt. As the battalion faces dwindling numbers and diminishing hope, Jim finds redemption in a crucial moment during a pivotal battle. Faced with the dilemma of risking his life or bearing the weight of abandoning a fellow soldier, Jim’s choices shape the course of his destiny.

Before Dawn is released by Umbrella Entertainment in select cinemas around Australia on April 4th. Session details HERE.

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