‘Black Knight’ Teaser Trailer: Netflix’s Post-Apocalyptic K-Drama Envisions a World Without Air


Check out the promising teaser trailer that’s arrived for upcoming Netflix series Black Knight.

No, it’s not a remake of the 2001 Martin Lawrence comedy… it really couldn’t be further away from that. This is a South Korean dystopian sci-fi drama that’s set in the year 2071 – in a world where extreme air pollution has made it impossible to live without a respirator. The Korean peninsula is a wasteland and only around 1 percent of the original population remains. Kim Woo-bin (Our Blues, Heirs) stars as a legendary courier – one of the drivers playing a crucial role in the survival of inhabitants. Kang Yoo-seok plays a refugee boy who dreams of becoming one of these delivery drivers.

The series is based on the webtoon Delivery Knight, from Lee Yoon-Kyun, published from December 25, 2016 to August 5, 2019 via Toomics. On board as director is Cho Ui-seok, whose feature credits include action crime-thrillers Master (2016) and Cold Eyes (2013).

Black Knight, also starring Esom (Taxi Driver) as a Defence Intelligence Command major and Song Seung-heon (Dinner Mate) as an heir to the conglomerate that oppresses the world, will arrive on Netflix on May 12th.