‘Deadpool & Wolverine’s Best Friends Day Trailer: Are They Blake Lively or Taylor Swift’s Legs?


In celebration of “Best Friends Day,” Ryan Reynolds unveiled a new trailer / spot for the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine film. The one-minute clip showcases more glimpses of Dogpool and the villain’s Giant Man hideaway – and a funny direct reference to Paul Rudd. However, it is the appearance of a mysterious pair of legs that’s sparked speculation among Marvel fans about who is playing the character.

The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment comes in at the 30-second mark. It seemingly confirms that Lady Deadpool, a multiverse variant of Reynolds’ antihero, will be making an appearance in the upcoming movie by featuring her costume’s distinctive legs. This revelation has ignited debates over who will don the mask. A significant number of fans believe that Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, is set to take on the role. Meanwhile, an equally large portion of the fanbase suspects the legs belong to Taylor Swift, a close friend of both Lively and Reynolds.

Speculations about Swift’s involvement in Deadpool & Wolverine have been rife for some time, initially hinting that she might portray the X-Men character Dazzler, a superhero and pop singer. These rumours gained traction in 2015 when Swift was photographed with the producer and cast of X-Men: Apocalypse. Given that Deadpool & Wolverine aims to resurrect numerous obscure characters from past X-Men movies and integrate them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many fans hoped Swift would finally debut as Dazzler.

Adding fuel to the fire, Swift was seen with Reynolds, Lively, Hugh Jackman, and the film’s director Shawn Levy at a Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets in October. Notably, it was disclosed that the announcement video for Deadpool & Wolverine, featuring Reynolds and Jackman, was shot in the same house as Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” music video.

We’ll find out who surprise stars and characters pop up when Deadpool & Wolverine opens in Australian and New Zealand cinemas on July 25th and U.S. cinemas on July 26th.

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