Is ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Any Good? – 1 Minute MOVIE REVIEW


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunite for the fourth Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys: Ride or Die (yes, the third film’s title should have been saved for this one).

If you’re a Bad Boys fan, this should make for a comfy addition. Returning directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah again showcase some slick direction and stick with the type of stylised aesthetic that Michael Bay established in the first two films.

The comedy – which is, again of course, based around the bickering between Mike and Marcus – is a little bit repetitive in terms of what we’ve seen this franchise already do, but there’s also a snug familiarity to it all.

The boys are handed some new personal struggles, which I thought were welcome additions to the story. They provide the characters with some kind of evolvement over the series.

I didn’t really find the plot, which owes a lot to the third film, all that interesting. There’s a dull baddie-of-the-week villain, a wobbly framing and corruption narrative – story-wise, it’s lacking. And I’ll also add that there’s some rushed CG here that I found a little bit distracting.

Overall, Ride or Die’s positives do outweigh the negatives and the film proves to be easy enough to enjoy. Fans of the franchise will get some laughs, some glossy, drone-happy action, and some guest stars and meta jokes to help with the entertainment value. One meta joke in particular… slaps.