‘Hustle’ Trailer: Adam Sandler is an NBA Scout in Netflix’s Inspirational Sports Film

Image credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix © 2022.

The official trailer has been released for Hustle, an inspirational-looking sports film led by Adam Sandler.

The Netflix feature has Sandler playing down-on-his-luck basketball scout Stanley Beren, whose career has remained stagnant as he continues to hit the road in search of the next big talent in the game. In Spain, he discovers the player that could change it all: streetball player with a troubled past Bo Cruz (played by real-life NBA pro Juancho Hernangómez, forward for the Utah Jazz). Against the odds, they have one final shot to prove they have what it takes to make it in the NBA.

Could be a three-point swish here. The trailer is promising, with a good dose of drama, a touch of humour, what looks like another strong dramatic Sandler performance following the fantastic Uncut Gems, and of course some epic basketball. Good supporting players here, too, with Ben Foster, Queen Latifah, and Robert Duvall. On top of that, hoop fans will be able to spot a number of big cameos in the trailer alone. Looking forward to it.

The film is directed by Jeremiah Zagar, making his second feature film following 2018 coming-of-age drama We the Animals. The screenplay was penned by A Star is Born co-writer Will Fetters and Taylor Materne, the latter of whom has written for basketball games NBA 2K19 and NBA 2K20. Sandler serves as executive producer on the film and NBA star LeBron James is among the producers.

Hustle will be streaming on Netflix from June 8th.