‘Jack Ryan’ Reportedly Ending with Season 4; Potential Spinoff Series Starring Michael Peña


Amazon Prime Video series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will reportedly come to an end with its fourth season.

The John Krasinski-starring and executive produced series is currently in production on season four, which now appears will be the final chapter. Season 3 has yet to arrive and a release date has yet to be announced.

Deadline broke the news of Jack Ryan‘s season four finish, reporting that Krasinski had initially signed up for four seasons. BUT, while fans may be disappointed to hear that the Krasinski-led series will end in two more seasons, there’s a silver lining: this universe could be expanding with a spinoff led by Michael Peña.

Peña will reportedly be playing Domingo “Ding” Chavez, a character that appears in several installments of Clancy’s Rainbow Six Franchise and is a major figure in the Ryanverse. The L.A.-born Chavez was involved in gang life as a young man until the drive-by murder of a close friend helped change his path. He joined the US Army, was promoted to Staff Sergeant, was later recruited into the CIA’s Special Activates Division, placed on a black ops team, CAPER, and eventually became Major in the multinational counter-terrorist organisation known as Rainbow.

Peña will first appear as Chavez in season 3’s final episode and will join the show’s cast in full-time capacity in season 4.

This spinoff idea is apparently in its very early stages – with no screenplay or a detailed outline to go on yet – so keep expectations in check for now. Execs may be looking to see how well the final seasons of Jack Ryan do before committing big.

Season 3 of Jack Ryan will find our hero implicated in a wide-reaching conspiracy and forced to go on the run. Now a fugitive, with the CIA and an international rogue faction on his tail, Jack heads underground and crosses Europe on a mission to prevent a global conflict – and stay alive while doing so.