Interview: ‘Mandrake’ Star Deirdre Mullins Talks Shudder Folk Horror Film


We were lucky enough to have a video chat with Deidre Mullins, one of the lead stars of Shudder horror release Mandrake, directed by Lynn Davison.

Deidre Mullins plays Cathy Madden, a probation officer who is given the task of rehabilitating notorious killer Mary Laidlaw (who’s been named Bloody Mary by the townsfolk) back into society after twenty years in jail. Cathy has always believed that every client deserves a shot at redemption, but her beliefs are firmly tested when two children disappear near Mary’s farm.

In the interview above, we discuss what it was like shooting some of the film’s more physical and grittier scenes, filming during peak covid restrictions in Northern Island, the challenges of acting in horror films, and more.

Hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to look out for Mandrake, streaming on Shudder from November 10th. You can take a look at the film’s trailer right here…