‘Napoleon’ – Ridley Scott’s Joaquin Phoenix Epic Underwhelms | One Minute Movie Reviews


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Napoleon is the latest period epic from Ridley Scott – and it certainly qualifies as an epic, with its large-scale production and some very impressive war sequences (I wanted more of these war scenes). Visually, impressive stuff, with moments you really need to appreciate on a big screen.

A good, interesting performance from Joaquin Phoenix, although I did find that his take on Napoleon was a little too odd to fully grasp. Vanessa Kirby is fantastic, although unfortunately underused.

It’s the episodic way that the narrative unfolds and the cold, detached approach to the characterisation that, unfortunately, holds back much-needed dramatic power. The plot skims over character detail and emotional depth as it attempts to cover a lot of historical ground.

This theatrical cut is close to 2 hours and 40 minutes in length – that still feels too short for the amount being covered and also too long for some sections. Apparently, Scott has a 4-hour cut heading to Apple. The pieces are all here for a strong film … Let’s see that other cut.