Planned Jamie Foxx-Starring ‘Spawn’ Movie Moving Ahead with New Writers


Spawn comic creator Todd McFarlane has been attempting to get a Jamie Foxx-starring Spawn movie off the ground for years now; it’s been slowly developing at Blumhouse Productions since 2017.

Well, McFarlane has taken to social media to announce a major step forward, with the hiring of three screenwriters: Oscar-nominated writer Scott Silver, whose credits include Joker, The Fighter and 8 Mile; Malcolm Spellman, creator, writer and executive producer of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series; and up and coming screenwriter Matt Mixon.

While McFarlane was circling the director’s chair at one point, it appears that he himself considers that he may not be the right individual to direct the film. As of now, no director has been chosen.

Jamie Foxx is still attached to star as Venom, aka  Albert Francis Simmons, a US Marine, turned Secret Service agent, turned CIA Agent who is betrayed by his supposed friend and killed while on a mission. He’s burned to death and sent to hell, where he makes a deal with a devil to become a hellspawn and serve the darkness on the condition that he be allowed to see his wife again. Alas, when he gets back, he finds his wife has moved on. He roams Earth as a disfigured spawn of hell.

Jeremy Renner was also attached to star in the film back in 2018, set  to play  Maximilian Steven Percival “Twitch” Williams III, a detective that, in the comics, is the brains of a duo. No word as of yet whether Renner is still on board or not.