‘Strays’ – Not Quite the Doggy Treat it Could Have Been | One Minute Movie Reviews


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Imagine Homeward Bound, but with genital jokes, poo jokes, plenty of swearing, and you’ve got Strays, a talking dog comedy that may not be for the whole family.

This one is directed by Josh Greenbaum (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar), and written by American Vandal co-creator and once Honest Trailers writer Dan Perrault.

Most important thing: Was it funny? Funny enough. I had some laughs with it, although it’s most definitely hit or miss with the sheer amount of jokes being thrown out. It obviously comes down to what cracks you up. While I did find a number of moments amusing, I found a good amount of the dog-point-of-view humour was too obvious and lazy to really provide more than a smirk.

It’s often quite repetitive as well, so thankfully there’s a relatively short runtime.

All that being said, it’s a likeable dumb comedy. The film knows how silly the whole thing is, and the wild tone is occasionally infectious – particularly when it’s going all out with the crude humour. I did actually want it to push the envelope more often than it did, but hey – that’s me.

Importantly, the film wears its love for dogs on its sleeve. So dog lovers, you’re in safe hands.

There’s a good voice cast too, with Will Ferrell, Isla Fisher, and particularly Jamie Foxx clearly having fun in these voice roles.

If you like dirty humour, Strays is an easy, if unremarkable watch. 2 and a half doggy treats out of 5.