‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage is the Worst Passenger in Wild Thriller


Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman star in the wild-looking thriller Sympathy for the Devil, which has its first trailer for you to watch above.

The film has Cage going full Cage as the mysterious individual, credited as The Passenger, who enters the car of father-to-be The Driver (played by Kinnaman) and forces him to drive at gunpoint. A high-stakes game of cat and mouse unfolds – and it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.

Looks like a bonkers time here. The film comes from Israeli director Yuval Adler, whose credits include 2020 Kinnaman film The Secrets We Keep and 2013 well-received Israeli drama Bethlehem. Luke Paradise penned the screenplay.

Sympathy for the Devil will be opening in U.S. cinemas on July 28th.

Photo courtesy of RLJE Films