Ten Best TV Shows to Be Trapped Inside


It appears to be a common phenomenon that when starting a new beloved television series, you become totally and completely immersed. “One last episode” before bed turns into a serious binge and suddenly the sun is rising. You become obsessed and real life goes on the backburner. For that glorious series-binging period, you can’t be certain about what you ate everyday or if you even ate at all, what you were taught at uni, what happened at work, or even who you hung out with, but you know every little detail of the show as if it were your own life.

In any case, it is a wonderful rabbit hole that you enter, an escape from the mundane routine of every day life. But what would it be like to be literally stuck in some of your favourite TV shows? Here are The Reel Word’s ten best shows to be trapped inside, in no particular order…


Warner Bros. Television

A world where you can sit around drinking coffee all day on large comfy sofas, in the city that never sleeps – yes please. Your Manhattan apartment is huge and your best friends are always around; that would be living! Experience life – growing up, dating, finding love and chasing your dreams – with your best friends.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Who wouldn’t mind hanging out with the HIMYM gang? They’re quite possibly the ‘Friends’ of the post-Friends generation. Learn how to navigate adulthood in modern Manhattan with the most entertaining personalities. You always have a booth at the cool local underground bar MacLaren’s and front-row seats to Barney’s execution of the playbook.

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

Just about everyone wants to travel the world, but imagine if you could travel the universe, through time and space, with a magnificent regenerating Time Lord in a blue Police Box spacecraft – bigger on the inside than on the outside. You can go back in time and see Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius or head to the future when humans exist in space. If none of those tickle your fancy, how about taking a trip to a parallel universe and seeing another version of you? Saving people, creatures and sometimes entire universes would not only be a constant adventure, it might just be seriously fulfilling.

Modern Family

modern family
ABC Studios

To be a part of the wonderfully quirky and loveable Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family would be an extremely heartwarming and humbling experience. Self-professed cool dad Phil Dunphy could be a constant source of entertainment, or maybe you could tag along with Hayley on one of her wild nights out, or hang out by the pool at Jay and Gloria’s house, or spend a day at Cameron and Mitchell’s, where no two days are ever the same – especially with cheeky little Lily running around.

Cougar Town

cougar town
ABC Studios

The place where it is perfectly fine to sit idly by drinking wine in big glasses all day, everyday. A place where two exes can be on extremely great terms and remain really good friends must be some kind of utopia. You live in a dream suburban cul-de-sac with your best friends, you’re close to your family and there is constantly the potential of a ‘girl/boy’-next-door situation.


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