‘The Nun 2’ is Just for ‘Conjuring’ Completists | One Minute Movie Reviews


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The Nun II, the ninth chapter of the overall “Conjuring universe,” is more for Conjuring completists than really anyone interested in a decent horror flick.

The follow-up to 2018’s The Nun, which I wasn’t a fan of but did big box office numbers, reunites us with Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) and Maurice (Jonas Bloquet). The film finds them in different locations this time around, the reason being that the plot needs to make up a lot of screen time before having them reunite.

It’s a poor narrative, with Irene and fellow nun Debra (Storm Reid) taking part in an uninteresting investigation with a conclusion that the film mostly establishes early.

In the meantime, horror movie tropes abound. Simplistic characterisation, lacklustre motivations, and worst of all, a collection of been-there-done-that sequence build-ups that horror fans have seen play out a billion times before.

Overfamiliarity can be overlooked if there are some creative, unnerving payoffs. Nah. One anticlimax after another here. And there’s a certain, animalistic creature towards the end of this film that is… unintentionally amusing.

While The Nun II is shot well enough, I found there was very little here to recommend.