‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ Trailer Gives Rick & Michonne Another Chapter


Take a look at the trailer that’s arrived for the latest addition to the Walking Dead universe, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

This new chapter in the horror-drama saga brings back fan-favourites Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, known for their roles as Rick and Michonne, respectively. We catch up with Rick and Michonne as they navigate a reality altered beyond recognition. Separated by vast distances, unstoppable forces, and the haunting memories of their former selves, they find themselves thrust into a new world. This world is not just a battleground against the zombie menace but also a field of conflict among the living.

The central question that drives the plot is whether Rick and Michonne can rediscover their past selves and each other in this drastically altered landscape. Are they adversaries, lovers, victims, or victors in this new world? And in a world where survival is paramount, the series poses a thought-provoking question: without each other, can Rick and Michonne truly be considered alive, or do they risk becoming ‘the walking dead’ themselves?

Adding to the cast are Pollyanna McIntosh, reprising her role as Jadis, Terry O’Quinn as Beale, and Lesley-Ann Brandt as Pearl.

Scott M. Gimple, a longtime writer and EP in the Walking Dead franchise, is showrunner and executive produces, alongside Lincoln, Gurira, Denise Huth, and Brian Bockrath.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will begin streaming on AMC in the U.S. on February 25 and Stan in Australia on February 26th.