‘Trigger Warning’ Trailer: Jessica Alba is a Special Forces Commando in Netflix Action Film


Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for action-thriller Trigger Warning, a June feature release starring Jessica Alba. Watch it above.

Trigger Warning throws the Dark Angel and Sin City star back in action. Specifically, immersing herself in the realm of hand-to-hand combat.

“I haven’t really done hand-to-hand combat and intense action in such a long time,” Alba shared with Netflix site Tudum. Determined to elevate her character Parker beyond just gunplay, Alba worked with the film’s director, Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya (Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts), and a skilled stunt team to integrate Indonesian knife fighting into the choreography. “I really wanted it to be a more intimate kind of fighting experience if I needed to take somebody out,” Alba explained.

Trigger Warning finds Alba playing Special Forces commando Parker, who is called back to her hometown following the sudden death of her father. Now the owner of the family bar, Parker reconnects with old flames like Sheriff Jesse (Mark Webber) and clashes with his fiery brother Elvis (Jake Weary) and their influential father, Senator Swann (Anthony Michael Hall). As she digs deeper into her father’s mysterious demise, Parker discovers a grim conspiracy.

Parker’s quest for truth pits her against a dangerous gang, and Parker must rely on her commando skills and the help of her covert ops partner, Spider (Tone Bell), and local dealer Mike (Gabriel Basso).

Director Surya found a personal connection in the film’s themes of loss. “I think one of the things that attracted me is there’s loss in this film,” Surya said. “I really connected with that grief of losing… my father a few years before.”

Alba also drew on personal grief, sharing, “My grandfather passed away during the development of this movie. I used a lot of my family’s photos in the bar scenes. It’s a family story, after all.”

Trigger Warning will be streaming on Netflix from June 21st.