Exclusive: Director Vincent Grashaw Talks Shudder Horror Film ‘What Josiah Saw’


We have a chat with filmmaker Vincent Grashaw (Coldwater, And Then I Go) about his third feature as director, horror film WHAT JOSIAH SAW, streaming on Shudder from August 4th. 

We discuss the difficulties of bringing this dark feature to life (including the many stumbles experienced during the shoot), working with a cast that includes Robert Patrick and Nick Stahl, what advice he has for other aspiring filmmakers, and much more.

Everyone in town knows about the haunted Graham Farm on Willow Road. You’ll hear there’s a bad history to it. Josiah (Patrick) and his youngest son, Thomas (Haze), are all that remain of this estranged family. But after experiencing terrifying visions from beyond, Josiah decides they must change their ways to right a great wrong. After being away for over two decades, Eli (Stahl) and Mary (Garner), Josiah’s eldest children, are enticed to sell the property and reunite at the old farmhouse in hopes of closing this haunting chapter of their lives for good. Sins of the past will be paid in full.

What Josiah Saw premieres exclusively on Shudder, Thursday, August 4.

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