21 And Over REVIEW


Written by Adam Carson.


As a spiritual offspring from the writers of The Hangover (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore), there were somewhat high hopes in this tale of three friends who drink the night away, encountering wild situations and engaging in crazy antics along the way.

Former best friends Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin) reunite for a night of bar-hopping to celebrate the 21st birthday of their friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon). Miles Teller and Justin Chon bring home strong performances, especially considering the material they had to work with.

Unfortunately, the screenplay itself is flawed. While we come to expect leaps of logic in works of comedy, the writers have tried to team it up with hammy heartfelt sequences that slip into debauchery without offering a decent segue. There was an opportunity for the movie to embrace and play off these aspects of the film as we have seen in Superbad, instead you are left feeling unfulfilled, with the emotional story prematurely dying in the third act.

In saying all of that, there are quite a few funny scenes, and while the plot does suffer a bit it still comes together as a nice package. Aside from the annoyances this film is well made, it’s just a shame that 21 and Over never unlocks its untapped potential.


– A.C.