DISNEY PLUS Australia: APRIL 2023 Release Schedule (With Trailers)


Australia: Here’s your complete schedule of APRIL 2023 release dates for streaming service DISNEY+, with trailers included!

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  • Tengoku-Daimakyo: Season 1 – STAR Original, International


  • The Crossover: Season 1 – Disney+ Original Series, Premiere

The Crossover, based on the bestselling novel by Kwame Alexander, follows twin middle school basketball phenoms Jordan “J.B” and Josh “Filthy” Bell as they struggle with growing up, growing apart, and finding themselves — on and off the court.

Filthy is a laser-focused athlete, determined to be the next Lebron James. His brother and best friend, J.B., has always dutifully followed along with the plan. But when new girl Alexis comes to town and J.B.’s interest in basketball starts to wane, tension starts to brew between the brothers — threatening to break their lifelong bond.

Of course, juggling school, friends, romance, and basketball isn’t easy when their mum, the academically gifted Dr. Crystal Bell, is the principal, and their former NBA player dad, Chuck, is the team coach. They only want what’s best for the boys, and Chuck’s “basketball rules for life” have guided them since they were young. But when Chuck’s health starts to decline, the family’s foundation starts to crumble — forcing everyone to step up, be selfless, and find faith in each other.

With help from their wise-cracking and loyal friends Maya and Vondie, plus guidance and wisdom from parents and teachers, Filthy and J.B. learn that in the game of life, basketball might not be everything…but family is always a net tied together.

  • The Company You Keep: Season 1 – STAR Original

  • The Lesson is Murder: Season 1
  • The Pope: Answers – International

  • The Good Mothers: Season 1 – International


  • Restaurants at the End of the World: Season 1

  • Arranged: Season 1
  • Grown-Ish: Season 5

  • History: The Interesting Bits: Season 1
  • Kiff: Season 1

  • Raven’s Home: Season 5

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth: Season 1 – International

  • Area21 Live on Planet Earth – Special, International


  • Tiny Beautiful Things: Season 1 – STAR Original Series, Premiere

Based on the best-selling collection by Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things follows Clare (Kathryn Hahn) a floundering writer who becomes a revered advice columnist while her own life is falling apart.

When we first meet Clare, her marriage to her husband Danny is barely limping along; her teenage daughter, Rae, is pushing her away; and her once-promising writing career is non-existent. So when an old writing pal asks her to take over as the advice columnist Dear Sugar, she thinks she has no business giving anyone advice. After reluctantly taking on the mantle of Sugar however, Clare’s life unfurls in a complex fabric of memory, exploring her most pivotal moments from childhood through present day, and excavating the beauty, struggle, and humour in her unhealed wounds. Through Sugar, Clare forms a salve for her readers – and for herself – to show us that we are not beyond rescue, that our stories can ultimately save us. And, perhaps, bring us back home.


  • Escaping the NIXVM Cult: A Mother’s Fight to Save Her Daughter

  • Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer

  • Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story

  • Patsy & Loretta

  • Adriana Trigiani’s Very Valentine


  • Rennervations: Season 1 – Disney+ Original Series, Premiere

“RENNERVATIONS,” is an original four-part series that embraces Jeremy Renner’s lifelong passion to give back to communities around the world by reimagining unique purpose-built vehicles to meet a community’s needs. Every build has a purpose. Behind the big screen, Renner is a construction veteran with a passion for purchasing and re-imagining huge vehicles with the help of his connections in the worldwide fabricator culture. With his best friend and business partner, Rory Millikin, and an all-star build crew, Renner travels the globe to reimagine decommissioned vehicles and rebuild them to serve a new purpose, such as turning a tour bus into a mobile music studio, a delivery truck into a mobile water treatment facility, a shuttle bus into a mobile recreation centre, and a city bus into a mobile dance studio. Along the way, Renner teams up with actor and producer Anthony Mackie (Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’’), actress and entrepreneur Vanessa Hudgens (“Tick, Tick… Boom!”), actor and producer Anil Kapoor (“Mission Impossible,” “Slumdog Millionaire”) and singer and songwriter Sebastián Yatra (“Encanto”), who all share Renner’s enthusiasm and join him to deliver the finished vehicles to each organisation.

  • It’s All Right!: Season 1 – Disney+ Original, International
  • Single Drunk Female: Season 2 – STAR Original


  • Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Funhouse: Season 2

  • Justified: Season 1-6

  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: Season 5

  • Good Trouble: Season 5


  • My Apologies – STAR Original, International


  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Walt Disney’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is back! For the first time in nearly 95 years, Oswald stars in an all-new hand-drawn short from Walt Disney Animation Studios in celebration of Disney 100 Years of Wonder!


  • Family: The Unbreakable Bond: Season 1 – STAR Original, International


  • Mask vs. Knight: Season 1 – STAR Original, International


  • Cake: Season 5

  • What We Lose to Love: Season 1 – International


  • Quasi – STAR Original

A hapless hunchback yearns for love but finds himself in the middle of a murderous feud between the Pope and the king of France when each orders the hunchback to kill the other. The guys who brought you ‘Super Troopers’ are going medieval on your ass!



  • Secrets of the Elephants


  • Matildas: The World at Our Feet – Disney+ Original Series, Premiere

The inspirational and intimate behind-the-scenes story of the Matildas – Australia’s women’s national football team. The Matildas (Sam Kerr, Ellie Carpenter, Mary Fowler and more) reveal the sacrifices they’ve made and struggles they’ve endured to become number one in the world’s most popular sport. Despite all their hardships, one goal follows them throughout – to leave a lasting legacy and inspire future generations to pursue their dreams. Across six episodes, we follow the players on and off the field as they work towards their biggest challenge yet – the 2023 World Cup on home soil.

  • The 1619 Project: Season 1 – STAR Original

  • Sam: A Saxon: Season 1 – International


  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Shorts): Season 1


  • Dangerous Beauty


  • Peter Pan & Wendy – Disney+ Original Movie, Premiere

Directed by David Lowery, “Peter Pan & Wendy” introduces Wendy Darling, a young girl afraid to leave her childhood home behind, who meets Peter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up. Alongside her brothers and a tiny fairy, Tinker Bell, she travels with Peter to the magical world of Neverland. There, she encounters an evil pirate captain, Captain Hook, and embarks on a thrilling and dangerous adventure that will change her life forever.

  • Clock – STAR Original


  • The Mandalorian: Season 3 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays, finale 19 April
  • Not Dead Yet: Season 1 New episodes weekly on Thursdays
  • True Lies: Season 1 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Abbott Elementary: Season 2 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Season 19 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • The Simpsons: Season 34 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Bob’s Burgers: Season 13 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Alaska Daily: Season 1 Finale 5 April
  • Will Trent: Season 1 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Station 19: Season 6 New episodes weekly on Wednesdays
  • Call It Love: Season 1 2x new episodes weekly on Wednesdays, finale 12 April
  • Pandora: Beneath the Paradise: Season 1 New episodes Saturdays and Sundays, finale 30 April
  • Eureka!: Season 1 4x new episodes 5 April
  • Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Season 1 4x new episodes on 26 April
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Season 2 New episode 5 April