‘Ferrari’ – Adam Driver is Fantastic in Michael Mann’s Solid Biopic | 1 Minute Movie Reviews


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Adam Driver gives an immersive performance as the star of this Michael Mann-directed biopic, set during a pivotal summer in the life of Italian racing and car entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari.

The film nicely balances various aspects of Ferrari’s life – at this particular time – to give us a solid look at the man. A deteriorating marriage, heartbreak over the loss of a son, an affair that has given another son, and attempting to give the Ferrari brand a boost by having his team win a dangerous race – all of it nicely laid out. It’s a solid script that avoids feeling cluttered.

Driver is fantastic as Enzo and Penélope Cruz is on par as his exhausted and understandably frustrated and heartbroken wife, Laura. A nice cast here, although some of the Italian accents from the non-Italian actors are… questionable.

I also appreciated the focus on how dangerous racing can be, especially at this time. Mann directs some strong racing sequences and, when necessary, isn’t shy to show us some of the carnage.

I found that Ferrari was an all-round solid biopic.