‘Abigail’: Buckets of Gore and Fun | 1 MINUTE MOVIE REVIEW


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Abigail is a gleefully bloody, lively, amusing horror/crime flick mash-up. 

The film delivers as advertised: blood and guts, an on-point cast, a witty screenplay, and a fun take on various well-trodden genre tropes.

The marketing for the film does prove to be a bit of a hindrance. It clearly presents the titular Abigail as the monster, so it drives some impatience when the film circles this reveal. We’re left saying, “Yeah, it’s the girl, let’s get moving.”

Luckily, this group of characters are an entertaining bunch, there’s a charismatic ensemble, and a snappy script ensures the dialogue keeps things moving at a good pace.

When the action does kick off, the mayhem piles up – a mounting body count and an expanding amount of gore. To the film’s credit, the blood-letting avoids unfolding in repetitive fashion. It’s not mind-blowingly surprising stuff, but the film does slightly twist routine plot turns to provide an air of unpredictability – especially in the last act.

Melissa Barrera and Dan Stevens are definite highlights, and Alisha Weir nails it in the title role.

Abigail is a raucous, amusingly self-aware slaughter fest. An enjoyable outing for gore-friendly cinemagoers.