‘If’ 1 Minute MOVIE REVIEW | A Sweet, Yet Messy Family Film


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John Krasinski-directed and written family film If is a well-meaning, earnest picture with a number of things to say. It’s also a bit of a tonally inconsistent and narratively illogical jumble.

The film’s core idea allows Krasinski and company to lay on the heart and craft some undeniably charming, sometimes even emotional scenes. But the sentimentality is firmly underserved by a lacklustre screenplay that’s more of a line-up of sweet moments, rather than an imaginative and cohesive story.

The plot is surprisingly simplistic and somewhat unimaginative, which is bizarre considering the freedom that the concept allows for. The pacing is also sluggish, not helped by an obvious build towards some big reveals that, ultimately, just left larger plot holes than I was anticipating.

If does have enough emotional strength, built up in a bit of a  scattershot approach, that could make it a melancholic tearjerker for some adults. I’m not sure if this is one that can be suggested as an easy win for kids though.

The solid performance from young lead Cailey Fleming, a fun voice cast, and some gorgeous, colourful visuals certainly help.

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