‘Never Let Go’ Trailer: Halle Berry Keeps Her Kids Close to Home in Post-Apocalyptic Horror


Watch the above trailer for upcoming psychological thriller/horror film Never Let Go, led by Oscar winner Halle Berry.

From director Alexandre Aja, known for nailbiters such as The Hills Have Eyes, High Tension, Crawl, and Piranha 3D, comes this tale of a mother who must protect her twin sons from an encroaching malevolent force that lurks just beyond their doorstep. With the world outside their home taken over by an inexplicable evil, this family’s only sanctuary is connected to their home and fortified by their unwavering bond. Halle Berry’s character and her sons must remain physically connected at all times, even going so far as to tether themselves together with ropes. However, as the trailer shows, the fragile thread of their unity is put to the test when one of the boys begins to doubt the existence of the evil force.

The screenplay was written by KC Coughlin and Ryan Grassby, whose previous credits include underseen Bill Paxton-starrer Mean Dreams and short-lived series V-Wars. Aja produces the film along with Shawn Levy (Strange Things), Dan Cohen (Stranger Things), and Dan Levine (Arrival), with Berry, Holly Jeter, Daniel Clarke, Emily Morris, Christopher Woodrow, and Connor DiGregorio serving as executive producers.

Never Let Go will open in Australian cinemas on September 26th and US cinemas on September 27th.