‘Saw X’ – Jigsaw Gets the Spotlight in Franchise’s Average 10th Chapter | One Minute Movie Reviews


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Saw X is the tenth chapter in the horror franchise that kicked off in 2004. Personally, I enjoyed the first and second, and the rest have kind of blurred together.

Set after the first film and before the second, Saw X puts a spotlight on the Jigsaw Killer himself, John Kramer. It’s interesting to see Kramer as not only the main character, but as a hero of sorts that we’re rooting for. Kudos for tackling a different approach to this overall tale… I just didn’t find this plot all that interesting.

It’s a very straightforward revenge story that takes too long to get to the meaty traps. I found the first act’s attempt to give Kramer some more layers to be quite tedious.

And the people in the traps (mostly dull characters) are essentially the bad guys. So, yeah, kill them. I’m not really hoping they escape… which takes a toll on the tension.

Still, plenty here for gore fiends. Jigsaw’s gnarly games aren’t as creative as some of the franchise’s more elaborate traps, although there is one skull-cracking sequence that is pretty memorable. Oh, and the film’s requisite last-act reveal, which most Saw films have, not very interesting.

If you’re a big fan of the franchise, you’re probably going to enjoy this angle on Kramer’s story. For everyone else… It’s a game you don’t really have to play.