‘The Old Man’ Trailer: Jeff Bridges is a Badass on the Run in Action-Thriller Series

FX Networks

The trailer has arrived for upcoming FX thriller-drama The Old Man, the first series led by Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.

The series is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Thomas Perry and finds Bridges playing Dan Chase, a man who lives off the grid after having absconded from the CIA decades earlier. When an assassin attempts to take him down, Chase is forced to reconcile his past in order to ensure his future.

FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Harold Harper (played by John Lithgow) is brought on to help track Chase down due to their complicated history. Also on the hunt is Harper’s protégé, Angela Adams (Alia Shawkat), and CIA Special Agent Raymond Waters (E.J. Bonilla). Chasing down Chase is, of course, no easy feat, so to help them cut to the chase (sorry), highly trained special ops contractor Julian Carson (Gbenga Akinnagbe) is placed on his tail as well. Amy Brenneman plays Zoe McDonald, a woman who rents Chase a room and finds herself drawn into a relationship of sorts with this rogue fugitive.

Honestly, you have me at Jeff Bridges, but add a big-looking production, Lithgow, some brutal action, and Bridges in oh-so tough guy mode and I’m downright excited. “Any more you send after me, I’m sending back in bags,” Bridges tells those after him. “Anyone you send to my kid, I’m sending back in pieces.” Hell yeah. Oh, and if we can also make sure Chase’s dogs get through it all unscathed? That’d be swell, thanks.

The series comes from writers Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, who were behind pirate series Black Sails and also served as writers on Apple series See.

The Old Man, also starring Bill Heck (as a young Dan Chase), Leem Lubany and Pej Vahdat, among others, will have its first two episodes (of a seven-episode season) hit the U.S. on FX on June 16th and Hulu on June 17th. The series will be released as a Star Original on Disney+ in international territories – including Australia, although there’s no released date on that end as yet (we’ll update as soon as we hear).

FX Networks