‘All of Us Strangers’ – Andrew Scott & Paul Mescal are Heartbreaking in Emotional, Artistic Film | 1 Minute Movie Reviews


All of Us Strangers is a drama, it’s a fantasy, it’s a romance, it’s a supernatural mystery… it can fit various genres in one way or another. What it is, is a quietly emotional look at sadness, loneliness, self-acceptance.

Writer-director Andrew Haigh has crafted a deeply personal, artistic film that serves as an emotional think piece. With doses of eroticism, family drama, and even horror, Haigh paints this dream-like journey with a confident hand. It’s important to approach this knowing that its narrative relies more on themes and metaphors, rather than providing genre-appropriate answers.

The pacing is firmly measured; I would understand a critique of it being too slow. While I did find some scenes dragged, it’s in retrospect that I see more. It’s deceptively simplistic.

Phenomenal performances. Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal are simply wonderful. Scott, in particular, says so much under the surface. Claire Foy and Jamie Bell provide pitch-perfect turns as Mum and Dad.

I wasn’t sure how I felt when this ended, but it’s kept me thinking. That’s a sign of affecting work.