‘Dream Scenario’ – An Excellent Nicolas Cage in an Uneven Satire | 1 Minute Movie Reviews


What if everyone, people that you didn’t even know, started dreaming about you?

Nicolas Cage-starring dark comedy Dream Scenario has an interesting concept that it explores in creative and thought-provoking fashion… before it, unfortunately, runs out of steam.

For the first half of the film, perhaps the first two thirds, it’s an amusing, intriguing satire. Writer-director Kristoffer Borgli showcases a strong eye with some creatively crafted dream sequences and his screenplay puts forth timely discussion points: celebrity culture, social media, cancel culture, and more. But it doesn’t quite last.

As the film’s focus changes to the ever-increasing downside of this man’s bizarre plight, it begins to embrace a drier, more straightforward approach. It doesn’t come to a screeching halt, but the energy and originality certainly hits a speed hump. My interest waned as the film approached something of an average Black Mirror episode.

Thankfully, we have Nicolas Cage. Cage is fantastic as this mild-mannered, not-so-interesting college professor whose life is turned upside down.