‘Baghead’: Freya Allan Leads a Decent Enough, Small-Scale Horror Flick | 1 Minute Movie Reviews


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A girl inherits a rundown pub that comes with its very own undead woman, who can turn into one of your deceased loved ones and allow you to even talk to them.

The plot itself works better when we’re in the dark, mystery-wise, and left unsure as to this creature’s intent and supernatural origins. Things get bogged down when the exposition arrives; very familiar rules and backstories that simply aren’t all that interesting to warrant the sacrifice of intrigue.

The film makes the most of its low budget. The one primary setting is used relatively well, although these confines do begin to feel mundane as the story progresses.

As for the scares, there are a few little jolts that work a treat and a few visual effects are well done. Well-versed horror fiends may be left wanting though, particularly since there’s, as is often the case, a reliance on sudden loud noises and musical peaks to rattle those nerves.

Good performances help things along. The Witcher’s Freya Allen is good as lead, Peter Mullan is solid as her father, Anne Müller gives an appropriately creepy physical turn in the title role.

Baghead is a decent enough, small-scale horror flick.