‘Reacher’ Season 2 Trailer: Alan Ritchson is Bigger & Badder in Second Chapter of Prime Video Series


Hold onto your seats, Reacher fans, because your favourite military investigator is making a thunderous comeback! Prime Video has unveiled the official trailer for Reacher season two, promising an even more heart-pounding ride than before.

Mark your calendars for December 15th, when the eight-episode thrill-fest kicks off with a bang, followed by weekly drops until January 19th, 2024.

With the stakes reaching new heights, Jack Reacher, Alan Ritchson reprising the role, is back in action, joined by his team – Frances Neagley (Maria Sten), Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan), and David O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos). As their former unit members face mysterious and gruesome murders, Reacher and his crew are on a mission to crack the case, unmask the betrayer, and shield their own.

Adapted from Lee Child’s book, Bad Luck and Trouble, Reacher season two also stars Ferdinand Kingsley, Robert Patrick, and Domenick Lombardozzi.

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