August 2013


Written by Matilda Mornane. Jobs is a cunning film. From the very first scene, it fills you with an uplifting sort of inspiration, the kind that makes you nod along with all of these defining moments in Jobs’ life. But doesn’t everyone know Jobs’ story by now? Yes, he was a genius. Yes, he created […]

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Written by Douglas Whyte. Korean director Park Chan-wook is renowned for his masterful, ostentatious displays of violence. The intensely cult-ish Oldboy (2003) is perhaps his best known venture into such territory. In Stoker, his English-language debut, violence is treated with fierce restraint. However, this doesn’t mean it is any less impacting. Stoker is an unusual

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Written by Zac Platt. Red 2 picks up where we left off with ex-ex-ex-black ops agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) enjoying suburban bliss with Sarah (Marie-Louise Parker). While Frank is fairly happy in his re-retirement, the magic is starting to fade away for Sarah. Luckily we don’t get through the first scene before the ever-eccentric

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Upstream Color REVIEW

Written by Guillermo Troncoso. Upstream Color is the brain-child of Shane Carruth, a former software engineer that made a noticeable splash in 2004 with Primer. Primer was a unique, albeit challenging, collision of ideas and sci-fi influences. Carruth’s $7000 indie film brought comparisons to some of the greatest self-funded pictures, especially Aronofsky’s Pi. Fans of

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Elysium REVIEW

Written by Guillermo Troncoso. Neill Blomkamp burst onto the scene with District 9, a unique sci-fi film that blended genres and film-making styles while providing both social commentary and blockbuster entertainment. Many proclaimed that sci-fi cinema had an original new voice, and the pressure started mounting on Blomkamp the second he announced that he would

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