July 2014

Still Life REVIEW

Still Life is, quite simply, a stunning movie. Every minute of it warmed the cockles of my heart. The melancholic premise is gentle where other films would manipulate, quiet where music would bombard and organic where SFX usually dominates. A film about loneliness and a longing for human connection is a concept that sounds boring and […]

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“I love you all!” As the credits come down on a teary eyed Michael Fassbender, bellowing a heartfelt chorus for his fellow band-members, it’s impossible not to feel at least a little touched. Frank is a film that is undeniably charming, even if it is trying a little too hard to be so. Like a

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‘Belle and Sebastian’ MOVIE REVIEW

A cute child and an adorable dog: a perfect combination to have audiences collectively going, “Awwwh.” A French film adaptation of the popular 1965 TV series, which itself was adapted from Cécile Aubry’s much loved 1965 novel, Belle and Sebastian certainly aims to give you those warm fuzzy feelings and to tug at those heartstrings, and while it’s

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