February 2014

Le Week-End REVIEW

Written by Cassandra Singh. College lecturer Nick and school teacher Meg, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, respectfully, are a long-married British couple who, for their 30th wedding anniversary, decide to revisit Paris in an attempt to rekindle their relationship. Finding that the streets of Paris don’t spark the same feelings as when they first visited Paris […]

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Nebraska REVIEW

Written by Guillermo Troncoso. Nebraska marks Alexander Payne’s first feature film as director for which he isn’t credited as the screenplay’s writer, or at least co-writer. You couldn’t tell though, the filmmaker’s sensibilities run through the core of this fine piece of Americana. The writer-director of About Schmidt, Sideways and The Descendants continues a similar

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Wolf Creek 2 REVIEW

Written by Guillermo Troncoso. Writer-director Greg McLean stabbed and sliced his way onto the international horror-circuit with Wolf Creek, an independently produced horror-film set in Australia’s Outback. Dubiously marketed as being “based on true events”, since the plot bore elements of the 2001 murder of Peter Falconio, the 2005 film was a commercial success, albeit with mixed

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Written by Guillermo Troncoso. The general consensus when the RoboCop reboot was announced was resoundingly negative. The early images of the titular man-machine’s “new look” didn’t inspire confidence, then came along the news that they were to deliver the film wrapped in a PG-13 package – a complete no-no for the fans of Paul Verhoeven’s

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